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Welcome To Nepal Foods

Nepal Foods, a brand initiated to bring the taste and culture of Nepal to the international market, is a venture started by young Nepali entrepreneurs with an aim to serve premium quality Nepali products in the market.

  • Highest quality
    Highest quality
    We get our products from the Himalayas. Our food safety starts with production, at the farm level.
  • Pure taste
    Pure taste
    We use highest quality of ingredients in our pickles which brings back the memories of authentic taste of Nepal.
  • Premium packaging
    Premium packaging
    Our commitment is to provide premium packaging to reflect the quality of products we offer.
  • Ethical Trading
    Ethical Trading
    All our dealings with farmers and our workers are conducted in accordance with the guiding principles of responsible and ethical tradings.
  • Patriotic
    We get our products from Nepal. This contributes to the economy of our country which provides employment opportunity to our local men and women.

Vision and Mission

The company has a broad vision to establish and ensure that Nepali food culture and tradition is well recognized in global markets.

  • The company aims to serve best and premium quality products which includes authentic Nepali food products, premium packaging and consistent quality.
  • To bridge the gap between the local farmers and the end consumers, by generating job opportunities in the local market and serving supreme quality products to both Nepali and international consumers.
  • To provide the consumers with proper authenticity of Nepal through extensive market research and study and gain recognition in the global markets for excellent delivery.

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Approach and Quality Control

Through extensive market research and study, direct interaction with local farmers and vendors, stringent process from sourcing to arrival of raw materials, working with women groups for product segregation and packaging and proper storage management, we deliver and market the best quality products to the international market.
We are in a process of having ISO certifications to our facilities and products.
We are perfectly placed to take on challenges today, tomorrow and in future because we do a lot of market research and take first hand feedback from our customers to meet and understand their needs.

We do not fulfil any customer order our self but we have an online retailer who does it for us. Please click on the link below to be redirected to their website.


What our customer says


Niru Baral

Loving It... Thank you so much for bringing Nepalese Taste From Nepal to UK

Sandewp Atri Khatri

Simply the best with impeccable service and variation. A store that has kept essence of our taste providing home feel to uncontables

nabina Bura

I had a chance to try the lapsi pickle during an event on Saturday and it was just yum yum yummm!

Anjali Gyawali

Finally there is a good Quality Nepali Product in the market. which i can proudly say its a nepali product . excellent packing and excellent product. your hing lapsi titaura is the best.